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Strengthening Emotional Intelligence to Build Strong Leaders

Enhancing Leadership Development

Dr. David Rock in 2006 coined the term "Neuroleadership" and explores four key areas of neuroscience that can enhance performance: problem solving and decision making, emotional self-regulation, working well with others and facilitating change.

Dr. Jenny Brockis posits "While the topic of what constitutes good and effective leadership continues to be debated, what cannot be ignored is the potential role neuroscience has to offer in enhancing leadership development based on the physiology of the brain." 

Understanding the latest research in brain science echoes the importance of  soft skills that are the backbone of all business relationships. Brockis explains "technical expertise, experience and results focus are highly valued skillsets. However, being strong in analytical skills doesn't necessarily translate into also being good with people. The question is can you have both? While research has shown this to remain a rare commodity, exceptional leaders have the capacity to alternate rapidly between analytical thought and social skills." The good news is both social and emotional intelligence are skillsets that can be learned and strengthened. 

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